The truth about big families

This is a fun one from Mercatornet:

The Sydney Morning Heraldrecently reported that “less than 2 per cent of Australian women have six or more children.” Well, I must know so many of that two per cent.

I know families of 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and a few with an even dozen. Whenever there is a movie about big families you always see children hanging from fans, piles of horrible food and a mum on the edge of a breakdown. Perhaps that’s why the general public feel they can be so rude to those with a brood. I come from a family of six and my Mum was often asked by strangers: “Why didn’t you buy a television?”, “How do you remember their names?” , or just told “You poor thing!”

So I thought I would share a few home truths – here are ten things I know about big families.

Read the full list at THIS LINK.

2 thoughts on “The truth about big families

  1. She was looked down on for just six?? That’s only two more than my aunt had. I can’t believe those rude, ludicrous comments.


    1. Goodness, yes! I’ve received all of these comments and many more, starting when I had only three. After a while, it just becomes a humorous game to think up witty responses. 😉


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