Men Behaving Badly—I Hate Ogling


Where have all the gentlemen gone?

One of the main functions of a culture commentator is to say things that should go without saying.

So it is quite unremarkable to remark that there are few gentlemen left.  When you think of a gentleman, do you conjure images of some tuxedoed dandy with jutting chin and a long nose, the better for looking down?  That is not the kind of gentleman I mean.

Every generation has had its share of base men and those with gentlemanly airs.  What they both had in common was their lack of respect for their fellow man.  As it is with the cowardly, lack of respect for your fellow man is most visibly made manifest in their treatment of women.

The way I hear some men speak about women, I wonder if there are any gentlemen left.

Read the full piece HERE.

2 thoughts on “Men Behaving Badly—I Hate Ogling

  1. Hi,

    I’m sorry if this is the wrong place, but I just want to thank you for this website. I have been thinking a lot about my role as a woman and my own femininity lately. Not long ago, I thought of myself as a lesbian, feminist, athiest, pro-abortion woman. As of late, my heart has been changing and I have started to see the beauty of biblical femininity. Your website has been a great help to me. Thank you very much.



    1. Allison, thank you so much for taking the time to post. These comments always encourage us SO much. God bless you as you pursue the beauty of God-created femininity. It’s a gift to the world, and the world needs it. It’s strong and gentle at the same time and brings so much to humanity. We need godly femininity!


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