What Does True Repentence Look Like?

Women who have following after faith for some time understand that the Christian life is a life of repentance. Continual repentance. A life of putting off the old man and putting on the new. We were saved, we’re being saved and we will continue to be saved. I was just reading this article by Scott Brown this evening and it caused me to recall my beginnings as a Christian and that first experience of real genuine repentance. So for the new Christian, or those who are being drawn by Christ now, or even those who are willing that the flesh rule in Christ’s stead, this is what the experience of repentance is like.

Be encouraged. The war in the flesh over sin, diminishes when we recognize that it is what it is and repent. A war between the flesh for dominion and the new man birthed by grace in to a life of obedience. Pick a sin and repent. Then pick another and another and another. It’s liberating.

Read Scott Brown’s article here.

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