In (dis)honor of Mother’s day IMDB has posted 20 of the most memorable quotes from movies with mothers and among them you’ll find quotes about despising children,  mocking motherhood, belittling the work, immaturity, shrinking from duty, disdain, arrogance, and outright lies about what motherhood really is.

Hollywood hates moms.

The authors and contributors here at LAF have some thoughts of their own.

Rachel Jankovic If you grew up in this culture, it is very hard to get a biblical perspective on motherhood, to think like a free Christian woman about your life, your children. How much have we listened to partial truths and half lies? Do we believe that we want children because there is some biological urge, or the phantom “baby itch”? Are we really in this because of cute little clothes and photo opportunities? Is motherhood a rock-bottom job for those who can’t do more, or those who are satisfied with drudgery? If so, what were we thinking?

Kelly Crawford says of her mother: She never thought of being anywhere else. She was a wife and mother, and she was needed. Still is. And she is still there…available. Serving. That’s my mother.

Andrea Schwartz says of her mother: I am extremely thankful for a mother who brought me up to approach childbirth with joy and to study the God-designed biology of birth from age 14 on. It is an incredible gift to grow up with a positive understanding of the birth process and head into delivery armed with this knowledge.

Kim Brenneman As mothers we have the power to create experiences that impact our families for their good.

Elisabeth Elliot I know how it is. I have a mother. I am a mother. I’ve produced a mother (my daughter, Valerie, has a two year old and expects another child soon). I watched my own mother cope valiantly and efficiently with a brood of six. (“If one child takes all your time,” she used to say, “six can’t take any more.”) We were–we still are–her life. I understand that. Of all the gifts of my life surely those of being somebody’s wife and somebody’s mother are among the greatest.

Jennie Chancey Mothers, do you know what a priceless and irreplaceable role you have? No one else can fulfill your role. Oh, they can try, and today our society is structured around replacing mothers with daycare workers, “experts,” and “professional childcare givers.” But you really don’t need studies or graphs or statistics to tell you what you already know deep down. Every child is different, and no one can love your child like you do. No one has your child’s interests at heart like you do. And the bottom line is that God has not called anyone else to fulfill your role in bringing up your children to know Him, love Him, and obey Him.

This mother’s day sing the praises of motherhood and all that it has accomplished for Christ’s Kingdom and His Glory.

One thought on “Motherhood

  1. I was verry proud. I was the best in my (difficult) job. Could do everything at once, master planner that was me. Nothing could shake me up.

    And then i became a mommy. More difficult then what other job, more time consuming (it doesnot stop at 17:00 or in weekends, and there are no holidays) and it takes all of you…

    and yet…

    there is nothing more rewarding:-).


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