A Gender-Neutral Army? An Army Neutralized by Gender?

It’s not what most people imagine that gender neutral means and it’s not what it is supposed to mean because Congress defined gender-neutral as being “evaluated on the basis of common, relevant performance standards, without differential standards of evaluation on the basis of gender.” But by leaving “relevant” in there, the door was open for a debate on the meaning of “is”, and the clear meaning of the rule was inverted so that instead of the standards neutralizing gender, gender neutralized the standards.

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One thought on “A Gender-Neutral Army? An Army Neutralized by Gender?

  1. I know many church communities have taken the step of placing statements about the roles of women and men and marriage in their constitutions. I am not sure it would be worded but it seems that it is time to start protecting ladies in these documents from the threat of draft. After all, if a woman can volunteer for combat and all that it entails then why shouldn’t the government draft women to fight in combat as well? Now that women are fighting in combat it is only a matter of time before they argue that to be truly equal women should also be subject to the draft as men areand they would be right arguing from a strictly non-religious view point and that is view they will take.

    The only way a woman in such a situation could successfully argue that her religion does not allow her to do so is if that is already codified into the church’s constitution, statement of faith etc. I know many people think it couldn’t happen but so many things are happening now that were inconceivable 50 or 100 years ago. It seems a good idea to take the time to protect young women now before the find themselves in the situation of being legally compelled to go into combat for their country and all that involves.


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