One thought on “The Problem With 17-Year-Olds Who Hang Around 17-Year-Olds

  1. From someone who’s at the older end of GenX. I wonder if there’s a bit of wishful thinking going on in the critique, because generations have *always* decried the generation younger than them. For the generation ten years older than I am, the baby boomers, they were written off as ‘hippies’ (and worse). My generation (I turned 18 in 1980) invented the “playstation tan”, was the first to spend far too much time on computers, and was about the first generation to enjoy CCM. If Baby Boomers were natural optimists, Gen-Xers have been anything but.

    Seriously, it’s *always* been dumb for 17 year olds to hang too much around other 17 year-olds. The toys have changed, sure, but I doubt that human nature has (that much). The George Orwell quote mentioned in the comments to Scott’s article are bang-on. I do worry about this generation of millenials, especially the ones I know at church, but I know that once upon a time, another generation … worried about me. “There is nothing new under the sun”.

    And more seriously again … how do we evangelise and do mission in and to this generation? That’s the real question 🙂


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