Ready For Real Life Webinar Giveaway!

Will your children know how to handle business and finance in a down economy? Defend their faith to militant antagonists? Stand firm against a defiling culture? Fight for their freedoms? Take advantage of technological innovations? And see opportunity amid the chaos?

More importantly, what kind of salt and light are they prepared to be? They may be able to name every country in the world, but do they know how to disciple the nations? They may know about the Battle of Waterloo, but do they know how to fight the battles of today – to win? Homeschoolers have proven they can beat the world at geography and spelling. But can we lead in the arts? Can we lead in the gates? Do we know how to take dominion of science and technology?



The Ready For Real Life Webinar

Western Conservatory has graciously offered to give away one free webinar subscription to readers of LAF!

The “Ready for Real Life” webinar, hosted by the entire Botkin family, will take on the practical side of educating children for the real world, also tackling every-day issues like saving money on curriculum, teaching your children to take responsibility for their own education, dealing with different learning styles, teaching social skills and confidence, helping children who don’t like to read or write, creating an educational home environment, and helping children learn marketable skills.

Hear from each member of the Botkin family, as they talk about lessons they’ve learned along the way, books and resources they recommend, things that worked for them, and things they’ll never do again.




Webinar sessions will run every Tuesday evening, 7PM CST, from September 3-October 15. Each session will include time for Q&A, plus you’ll get a bonus Q&A session at the end.

Sessions include:

  1. Ready for What? What We Must Educate Our Children to Be and Do
  2. Ready to Think and Communicate: How to Have Something to Say and How to Say it – Studying Theology, Apologetics, Critical Thinking Skills, Writing, Researching, Editing, Speaking, and how to boldly give an answer.
  3. Ready to Lead Culture: How to Take Dominion of the Arts Without the Arts Taking Dominion of You – Studying Music, Art, Photography, Graphic Design, Fashion, and Filmmaking
  4. Ready to Take Dominion of the Earth: Studying Science, Math, Engineering, Medicine, Computer Sciences, Agriculture, Construction, and the basic knowledge necessary in order to participate in 21st Century progress.
  5. Ready to Lead in the Gates: Studying Economics, Law, Political Science, Military Studies, Geography, and History
  6. Ready for Anything: Figuring Out Vocation, Gifts, Real Life Skills, and the Unique Challenges of the 21st century
  7. Bonus: Final Questions and Answers

Join the Botkin family for a weekly whole-family event full of encouragement, challenge, and motivation!


To enter the giveaway:

Do any or all of the following for one entry apiece.

1) Leave a comment telling us what your biggest question about homeschooling is

2) Share it with your friends on facebook/twitter/pinterest/instagram (or all four for one entry apiece). Come back here and leave a comment letting us know you’ve done so.

3)Blog about it. Come back here and leave a comment letting us know you’ve done so.


For an extra (3) entries:

4) Put the banner on the sidebar of your blog or website from now until the webinar begins on September 3. 

The Ready for Real Life Webinar

5) Do all of the above for the maximum amount of entries!

Giveaway closes at midnight on Monday, August 19.



7 thoughts on “Ready For Real Life Webinar Giveaway!

  1. I would like to enter the giveaway! A question I have about homeschooling: how does a mom keep on top of teaching her older children when she has many little ones/a baby?


  2. I would love to enter the giveaway! My homeschool question is : How much time do you spend daily home schooling each child? How do you divide your time amongst many children? Thank you!


  3. Here is my question for the giveaway. Are large homeschool co-ops a good thing, or do they encourage drop-off parenting? Thank you!


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