91 Homeschooling Ebooks for 28 Cents Each? Yes Please!

Every now and then ebook authors get together and bundle their best books and offer them at an AMAZING price. Too amazing to turn down.

For 3 more days, you can get the Omnibus Homeschooling Ebook Bundle for only $25--you won’t believe the incredible titles in this bundle! Click HERE to see them all.

One title caught my attention and I wanted to tell you about it. It’s “51 Frugal Father-Daughter Dates“, by Ashley Pichea.

This book is wonderful and I’ll tell you why.

I don’t know about your husband, but my husband has proclaimed a simple need: “Just tell me.”

God has created our men differently than us. And because of that difference, they don’t share the same intuitions we do. Our girls crave special time with their Daddies, but sometimes Daddies just need a little “tell me what to do.”

That’s exactly what this book is. It’s not a sit down and read (our men have so little time), it’s a bullet list, get-to-the-point book that gives fathers practical ideas about how to nurture the relationships with their girls.

He will love it, you will love it, and your daughters will love it.

That’s just ONE of the 91 books in the amazing homeschool bundle! Here are a few more titles:

  • 101 Ways to Make Spelling Fun: written by Tamara Chilver
  • 1st Grade Summer Learning RRR: written by Beth Gorden
  • 2012 Worksheet Packet: written by Lauren Hill
  • 31 Days to Build a Better Spouse: written by Ashley Pichea
  • 4 Easy Steps to Homeschooling Success: written by Kirsten Joy Torrado
  • Art for All Ages: Chalk Pastels Through the Seasons: written by Tricia Hodges
  • The Art of Strewing: written by Aadel Bussinger
  • Blog at Home Mom: written by Christin Slade
  • Boyschooling: written by Jamerrill Stewart
  • Called Home: Finding Joy in Letting God Lead Your Homeschool

See the rest here!

Only 3 days left…click, click, BAM! Instant access to these amazing books!


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