We Have Met The Axis of Evil – Highlands Ministries Online

When we find blood on our hands we are fools to close our eyes. Instead we must wash them in the blood from His hands. We must repent, confess ourselves to be guilty before God. Guilty of idolatry in loving this evil nation. Guilty of blasphemy in thinking we are God’s favored ones. Guilty of taking His name in vain by vainly asking that He would bless this nation. Guilty of resting in our own wisdom, rather than His abundant provision. Guilty of rebellion against the wisdom of our fathers, guilty of adultery in chasing after our nation more than our Husband. We are guilty of stealing the future of God’s children, guilty of lying to ourselves. We are guilty of coveting a reputation we haven’t earned. We are guilty of being the axis of evil because we are guilty of murder. Lord grant us the wisdom to see us for what we are, and the faith to see what You are making of us.

via We Have Met The Axis of Evil – Highlands Ministries OnlineHighlands Ministries Online.

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