A Little Something I Call, “Meatball Theology” or “Is That Your Indigestion Talking?”

Photo Credit: spoony mushroom via Compfight cc

From The Christian Apologetics Alliance by Leslie Keeney, “Why Telling Your Story is NOT the Best Way to Share the Gospel.”

…how do I know that the transcendent experience I had while worshipping wasn’t just an emotional overload brought on by endorphins, chocolate, and looking at pictures of puppies or starving children. I can’t really even use the argument that I know Jesus is real because He’s changed my life. Lives can be changed by any number of things, including anti-depressants, hypnosis, twelve-step programs, and watching “What Not to Wear.”

Telling someone that all they have to do to effectively share the gospel is to tell the story of how Jesus changed their life is doing a disservice to Christians who want a robust understanding of why Christianity is true. And it can be damaging to the Christian with atheist friends who continue to challenge his faith.

Read the rest here.

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