Men and Women are not equal.

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Thanks, Matt Walsh. This is spot on:

In the last couple of days I’ve been told a thousand times by a thousand different folks that feminism is simply “the belief that men and women are equal.” Then these same people will kindly inform me that I am a feminist, whether I think so or not. Wow, thanks everyone. Why should I worry about defining myself when I’ve got the internet to do that for me? Of course, this definition of feminism is woefully shallow and purposefully misleading. It simply isn’t honest to pretend that feminism hasn’t inexorably linked itself with slightly less palatable sentiments, like the one that says unborn babies aren’t people, or that stay at home moms aren’t “real women.” For every person who tells me it’s possible to be a pro-life feminist, I can find ten feminists who will insist that no such thing can actually exist. Is pro-life feminism an acceptable variation, or an oxymoron? I really don’t know, nor do I care. If my understanding of feminism is vague and convoluted, it’s only because the term itself is vague and convoluted.

But, for the sake of argument, I’ll pretend that feminism’s only legacy is bringing about, or striving for, “equality” between men and women. Even in this fantasyland, I still can’t jump on the Feminist Bandwagon. Men and women are NOT equal, at least not in the practical sense of the word. Yes, men and women are “equal” in intrinsic worth; they have immortal souls and are endowed by God with a dignity and value that can not be diminished or reduced. This is the only sort of “equality” that can ever exist between people, or between genders, and it is the only sort of “equality” that really matters. Because we are all “equal” in the spiritual sense, we should all treat each other with love and respect. I don’t need feminism to tell me this, Christianity has been teaching it for two thousand years. I can’t stand these modernist movements that come along, borrow a little slice of Christian philosophy, uproot it from its foundation, and then claim to be the source of the teaching. Sorry, you can’t monopolize an idea that’s been around for 20 centuries. Nor can you harness the power of the message when you’ve removed it from the Power Himself. All you’ve done, in the end, is cut a flower off at the stem. It looks pretty and smells nice, but it will soon become something withered, dried, and dead, because you’ve severed it from its roots.

Read the full piece HERE (be warned–some strong language, a lot of it bleeped out, from angry commenters).

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