‘On the Brink’ Many Working Moms Falling Apart

Have feminists cracked the glass ceiling or are their heads cracking? One author looks for new solutions as she discovers she can’t do it all. Still coming to the wrong conclusions about how to solve the problem, but a good read about the honest truth, feminism is a lie. Caution: Language

“On the surface, I was doing everything that I was supposed to be doing and it looked like everything was fine. But inside, I was just falling apart. I was having a lot of anxiety and insomnia and there was all this stress. There was too much on my plate. I lost my appetite, I was getting depressed.”

On the way to Target to buy diapers one day, she had a breakdown, Alcorn said. She ended up quitting her job and trying to make sense of what happened. The result is her new book, “Maxed Out: American Moms on the Brink.”

Read the rest here.

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One thought on “‘On the Brink’ Many Working Moms Falling Apart

  1. I find it interesting that the solution to the problem of moms getting burnt out is “reform society/job environments, take a break from family (1 month?! Who is running that household?), and don’t have a lot of kids (the writer had her meltdown when she added another child). The writer gives a great solution: stay at home. It is apparent to me (because I have experienced this first hand) that this culture looks down on homemakers and then girls grow up thinking that being a homemaker is inferior and has no lasting meaning. Society needs to be reeducated and it needs to be done in light of God’s Word. Thanks for posting this. It shows that the secular world is beginning to realize the impacts and consequences of “men being biologically capable of having children” (quote from: V. Baucham).


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