Last Day by Mrs. Becky Morecraft

Last Day

What if you knew this morning, when you opened your eyes in bed,
That today would be the last one for you, with eternity stretching ahead?
How would you change your schedule today if you knew it would be your last?
Who would you thank for investing in you, in the present and the past?

How would your life’s perspectives shift from long-term goals to ‘today’
If you knew that in twenty-four hours or less it would all be swept away?
Would your bank account or investment plans matter so much to you
As the legacy you’ve left for your heirs of a faith that’s tried and true?

What if today was your last day on earth to cut through all your losses,
To cast aside the stress and burden of life’s wearisome crosses?
Perhaps there’s someone waiting to hear forgiveness from your lips;
Perhaps you need to turn from a sinful habit holding you in its steely grip?

Maybe you’d spend more time with the ones who matter most in life,
Hold him or her in your arms and say, “I love you,” to your husband or wife.
Tell your kids you’re proud of them and picture their future as bright.
Swallow that bitter or angry word and replace it with humor and light.

Our treasures should seem but baubles as we view eternity.
Let’s cast aside those lesser things, with trust in God’s decrees.
Which souls need Gospel tidings from our mouths to turn their hearts?
Have we left our “first love” and made other things our art?

If this day were your last on earth, how would your mindset shift?
From getting more possessions to giving yourself as a gift?
From making more excuses for laziness and pride
To industry and selflessness, taking the pain in stride?

Now I ask you, my friend, as you rush towards your goals, as the fleeting moments pass,
To remember that life at its longest is short; only what’s done for Christ will last.


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