Wait Till It’s Free – Spread The Word – Give Your Support

1375281_529648770457445_1999228553_nFrom one of our favorite award winning film makers comes…

WAIT TILL IT’S FREE an entertaining and provocative look at the current healthcare crisis. Coming at the healthcare issue from a non-partisan but none-the-less conservative and Christian outlook, this film takes a hard and honest look at the way we do healthcare in America. Through groundbreaking interviews from across the US and Europe, we look at every relevant aspect of modern medicine, from the escalating cost of health insurance to the move towards universal government healthcare. The film asks what kind of alternatives there are for families caught between expensive insurance-based coverage and “free” government solutions. The film explores alternatives for individuals, churches, and families, and offers moving and enlightening stories from those who have chosen to follow innovative and independent approaches to healthcare.


Watch some clips, read more about this important project and most importantly, find out how you can become a part of the effort.  Share and donate here.

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