A Student Denounces Feminism — and Receives a Bad Grade

From the Thinking Housewife,

R., a female reader, writes:

I’m a long-term fan of your website, and visit every day to check for updates. I thought that you, and your readers, would find this interesting:

My younger sister is 17 years old. At her school (a private girl’s school, nonetheless) a mandatory class is ‘Modern Social Issues.’ Every term, students are given a topic which they discuss in full. They form debate teams to discuss the pros and cons of the topic, write essays or poems, research articles, and so on. This past term, the topic was, “Gender Oppression in the Modern Age: Is Feminism Still Viable in Modern Society?” Quite a mouthful, and quite an easy topic for feminist-raised young women to think about.

After extensive research on the subject (said ‘research’ being mostly whining about the poor, poor women), each student was to write an essay discussing in detail the subject, and what it means to her personally. As my sister has had a traditional upbringing (only soured by our mother’s struggle with cancer and inability to homeschool us), hers was by far the most interesting, most honest, and, of course, the lowest marked essay of the class. The teacher went so far to suggest that she have ‘catchup’ classes to better comprehend the topic.

My mother asked why, when it was an opinion piece, so any opinion is correct, and it is therefore unfair to judge each student based on how they match up to the teacher’s personal beliefs. That was not met with much amusement from the teacher or the principal. Anyway, my sister has given permission for me to reproduce her essay here, as she also likes your blog, and we both hope you will like her badly-received essay.


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4 thoughts on “A Student Denounces Feminism — and Receives a Bad Grade

  1. A few years ago, my then 18 year old daughter was enrolled in and taking an art class at our community college. She informed the instructor that she would rather not draw from a nude model. The instructor said that was fine and instead, she should read a particular book and then write an essay on why she didn’t want to participate in that particular project. My daughter read the book and wrote in her essay that she believed God created us to share our physical nakedness only within marriage, that the only person who should see us naked is our spouse. The instructor, it seemed had been raised in a very strict evangelical home which she rejected and rebelled from and in the end, and this influence her in not giving my daughter the credit she’d been promised!

    So, it’s fine that we have our Christian beliefs as long as they don’t offend anyone??

    Bravo to your sister and may God bless your family!


  2. The problem is not with the content of her essay but more with her writing style. That is why it received a poor grade. If she works on her writing style, it would be a lot more powerful.


  3. LAF,

    I first heard of The Thinking Housewife here, from a post that linked to her website. I found many great posts on her site and read a lot from her and her readers and I really loved the site, until I found the race section. I am sure you are not endorsing all The Thinking Housewife’s views by referring readers to specific articles on her site, but I wonder if you have considered the possible effects. The Thinking Housewife can be a very racially-heated place, with scathing comments on people of non-white races. I was very dismayed to read what I read there, and very much discouraged.

    Anyway, this is message was not written in the spirit of accusation, but just as a suggestion I thought you might want to consider.

    An African reader.


    1. Dear African reader. Thank you for commenting. You are correct that a consideration of the article we posted is our only intent. Thank you for stopping in and supporting LAF. Thank you for being faithful and vigilant. All the best.


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