Social Workers steal baby from mother’s womb

(NaturalNews) In a shocking series events British Social Workers from Essex Social services obtained a Court Order to forcibly remove a baby from its mother by caesarean section against the mothers will.

The mother had travelled to the UK from Italy for a two week training course when she had a panic attack at her hotel, partly due to not taking her medication for Bipolar Disorder and partly as she could not find her older children’s passports. She called Police who informed her they would take her to a hospital to “check the baby was okay”. On arrival at the hospital the mother became aware that she had been taken to a psychiatric facility. When she protested she was forcibly restrained and sedated.

Children’s services applied to the Court and High Court judge, Mr Justice Mostyn ruled that the child could be removed by caesarean section and placed for adoption on the grounds that the mother had mental health issues.

The mother was told in the morning that she couldn’t have breakfast; she questioned this and was sedated again. When the mother woke from her sedation she found that she was in a different hospital and her baby had been surgically removed.

Read the rest here.

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