You’re Not A Homosexual.

[M]an was created a mature being, not a child. [Not a clean slate ready to be written on, ready for self discovery] This is a fact of central importance…Humanistic psychology looks backwards to a primitive [evolutionary] past in order to explain man, whereas biblical psychology looks neither to the children nor a primitive past to explain man but to a mature creation, Adam, and to God’s purpose in man’s creation…by ascribing to man, as humanistic psychologies do, a basic substratum of primitivism or racial childishness, this revolt against maturity is given an ideological justification; the studied and maturely developed immaturity of man is encouraged and justified. If man is reminded rather that he was created in Adam into maturity and responsibility and that his revolt is against maturity and responsibility, his self-justification is shattered.

We are told that “male and female created He them” (Gen. 1:27). The sexual  character of men and women is not a blind and accidental product of evolution but the purpose of God and basic to any understanding of man. Attempts to deny the validity of Biblical sexual regulations, to read homosexuality as an expression of a primitive development or as another form of man’s free sexual expression, or to deny the psychological differences between a man and a woman, are thus morally as well as psychologically wrong. The facts of maleness and femaleness are basic and constitutive of God’s purpose for mankind, and any psychology which denies them is thereby sterile and void of understanding. Ironically, the humanists, who condemn Biblical standards as puritanical and inhibited, are themselves guilty of the worst inhibitions in their denial of sexual differences and their psychological validity. The egalitarianism of humanistic  psychologies works towards a basic castration of the sexual nature of man and woman and is a major inhibiting force in modern society.

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