Manhood: Real life Private Ryan’s amazing war diaries revealed for the first time

Hero: Private Ryan's diaries now belong to his son

THEY are the war-time diaries which helped save a real-life Private Ryan.

Michael Ryan, Northumberland Fusilier 221302, kept a memoir which covered every day of the Second World War – and kept him focused on surviving.

It recounts in vivid detail the dangers on the front line, being wounded, his capture, horrifying imprisonment at Auschwitz and finally a 700-mile march to freedom.

And now his family have made it public for the first time exclusively to the Mirror.

Ryan writes movingly of his despair and of his love for his country, his devoted wife Peggy, and his children Terry, one, and Ronnie, three, back home in Newcastle.

Editor’s note: Graphic war descriptions

Read the rest here

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