5 thoughts on “Finally! This is how fathers should be portrayed in commercials. Thank you Lego

  1. I am very interested in the insidious ways media alters our thought patterns by introducing subliminal messages covertly. I think this may be the case with the Lego “Let’s Build” commercial.

    Yes, this is definitely a cute father / son commercial. The elements of camaraderie and creativity are displayed beautifully. The usage of words like “share” and “pool” link the two in a common effort. There are also expressions of intelligent planning. The producers even went so far as to include the mention of “Nan’s Knit Wear” which follows “bound by blood” which signify multi-generational encounters.

    But what is missing? Do you ever get the feeling that something is not right? So here are three things that hit me as odd. And yes, I wasted time trying to figure this out because we must teach our children to look at media with “one eyebrow lifted”.

    1. The father does not have on a wedding ring. I am not saying that all married men should or do wear wedding rings. But there are fourteen left hand shots positioned center screen clearly showing that there is no ring (although the father is right handed). It kind of reminds me of a newly engaged woman and how she uses her left hand to show her engagement ring: the awkwardness is hilarious in a cute sort of way.
    2. There are fourteen costume changes, two of which are pajamas. This leads me to believe that they want to indicate that this fun father / son activity is a long ongoing thing. This is not a one weekend fling when the father has stopped his busy life for a while to play with his child. Which leads to my third observation:
    3. There is one man and one boy totally absorbed in each other with no signs of there being anyone else in the family. There is not even anyone in the background. These two seem to be the sum total of their family. So now I wonder if there is going to be a new building of the male in media. They have torn man down, ripped him to pieces and added him the garbage heap of feminism. Now, are they going to rebuild him in the image of “I am perfectly capable to raise a child on my own”? A feminist thought from a different angle.

    Time will tell.


  2. Maybe he is a widower, maybe he chooses to not wear a ring like your husband. It is more likely he is an actor portraying the “father” the creator of the commercial envisions.
    The point was not to speculate about the man’s marital situation from a personal or emotional level, rather it was to make us mindful of what the menacing culture of conventional media is doing with the contemporary male image.


  3. Homebody- I noticed that about his hand, too. I think it’s a habit I picked up from my single days: check every man’s left ring finger before looking at him further! lol My husband doesn’t wear his ring at home, but does almost any time he leaves the house. My Dad, however, is one of those men who rarely wears his ring.

    Anyway, you do make some interesting observations. I would have to say, though, that over-all the commercial was better than most in the portrayal of a father figure. Are there problems with the commercial? Of course. It was made by people who most likely don’t know God or what a real family is. But, it was made to show a snippet of life; it’s not a movie.


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