I Will Work With Him


There is a sense in which men, you males, you are called to take dominion to be stewards over this earth. But how is that to be done? That is to be done always through the promotion of God’s kingdom and God’s will. As men we are to have a purpose and our purpose is set forth by that perfect man, Jesus Christ. And it is seen so clearly in his model prayer in Matthew 6. He stands there and he says, “Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

Sir, every time someone looks at your life that is what they ought to see. As a man when they look you in the eye, that is what they ought to see. You are a man consumed with a passion that God’s name be holy, that it be separated as special and unique throughout the world. You are working for the coming of his kingdom and the advancement of his will on this planet.

You are not about yourself. You are not about your own dreams. You are not about your own plans. You are not about your own needs. You are not about your own wants. You are about Him and the doing of his will. You are a servant of God, called to be a steward. Do you understand that?

Now, why am I teaching this about the family?

In the family there is a thing we call headship. The Bible does teach that a man is to lead his family. It does teach that and if you don’t like that, I understand that but do not call yourself “biblical” because you’re not. You’re influenced by your own culture. You’re influenced by the teachings of feminism and everything else but you are not “biblical.”

There is teaching in scripture about the headship, the man and his family. There is teaching about submission. The wife is to submit to her husband. Many people hate that because of teachings of feminism. Other people hate it because of the massive abuses with regard to that teaching.

Let me just give you an example.

If my wife looks at me, and she sees a man who is consumed with himself, consumed with his own desires, consumed with his own career, consumed with his own hobbies, maybe even consumed with his own religion, consumed with his ministry, [and] consumed with his own religious goals.

Then when she reads in scripture that she ought to submit to that man, it creates nothing but anger and bitterness in her life. “I’m called to be the helper to this man’s purposes and all his purposes are about him?” That just creates bitterness and anger.

But if my wife looks at me and sees a man who has thrown away his own purposes, thrown down his own personal whims and desires, and she sees a man who is given toward this, “Hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done.” She sees a man given to the purposes of God. Then it is a lot easier for her to say, I will work with him. I will submit to that his leadership because his leadership is not directed toward his own goals, his own purposes. It’s directed toward the will of God and I see in his life, sacrifice. I see in his life “desire,” “passion,” and love for others. Thus I will join him.

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