Our culture wants men to be featherweights when it comes to conviction, seriousness, responsibility, discipline, courage, and truth. The Creator of these men does not. He wants gravitas.

Gravitas comes from the Latin gravis, which means “dignity, seriousness, or solemnity of manner.” In line with the expectation upon men seen in the entire breadth of Scripture, it is my argument that every Christian man should aim, by God’s grace and for his glory, to be characterized by this trait, with the effect that people can look at him and say, “That is a man of gravitas. There is a solemn weight to the way he carries himself. He believes in truth. He walks in love, joy, passion, and conviction. There’s an undeniable winsome seriousness evident in his character, his words, his thoughts, and his motivations.”

But even redeemed brothers can struggle to cultivate a counter-cultural disposition of righteous gravitas, because we’re not yet made perfect. Therefore, the Bible constantly exhorts us, and we need to be continually reminded by God’s Word and God’s people. What, then, are some marks of this man of gravitas that we should aim to cultivate?

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