To All The Christian Single Ladies Praying For Love This Year

A year has come to an end behind us and hopeful anticipation ushers in another. What will this year be filled with? Will this be my year for love, marriage, and long held hopes fulfilled? Or a repeat of last year. Doom. Banish the thought and ignore the anxiety, here I come 2014…

Sophia Lee at has written a piece that represents what many girls the world over have thought and experienced. She’s resisted the world’s ideas about love, she’s caved to the world’s ideas about love, found false promises leave us empty, and returned to God for that which only He can give. She writes,

Each year, as New Year’s draws close, I make a list of “prayer resolutions.” For the past two years I’ve been adding to that list: “God, please let me fall in love this year.” I scrawl that at the very bottom of the page, as though it’s a last-second random thought. But the words shrink and the ink widens, giving away my hesitation and embarrassment.

Even in my private diary, I’m unable to reveal a desire I’ve been nursing in my heart: I want to fall madly, wonderfully, heel-poppingly in love—just as in the movies and the pop songs, just like my friends and my parents, who appear to form such happy halves of one.

Her article raises some questions many of us should ask ourselves:

Does ignoring the temptations of the world provide sufficient protection from them?

Does true love really dethrone God?

Was she really seeking after true love?

Will marriage bring this kind of love?

Are my only choices feminism or fantasy?

Or is there more to the story?

Is there more that we could possibly hang our hopes on rather than a seeming cruel destiny or cosmic happenstance?

Is there a reason love happens?

Are there practical things an unmarried woman can do to help ready herself for true love and marriage and still trust God for the outcome? Does it involve cats?

There is good news for those who are looking forward to a year unlike years gone by.

Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin have answered all these questions and more in Jane Austen and Vampires: Examining Girls’ Literary Appetites and Literary Eating Disorders offering sound biblical advice on how to avoid Sophia Lee’s emotional roller coaster all together, explaining the craftsmanship behind the modern world’s ideas about love (whether it be literature, film, or facebook) as well as practical wisdom for the girl who is after God’s own heart. LAF gives it two thumbs up. A “must listen to” for every young woman with a vision for faithfulness in 2014.

One thought on “To All The Christian Single Ladies Praying For Love This Year

  1. The best advice for one “looking for love”: Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. (Psalm 37:4) When you delight in the Lord and stop making an idol of marriage/ love, your desires begin to reflect His desires for you. =)


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