What Hitler Couldn’t Do, the Jews are Doing to Themselves

Editor’s note: The film referenced in this article is for mature audiences only. Topic as well as language advisory.

Adolf Hitler wanted to exterminate the Jews. He failed. Now it looks like the Jews themselves could finish what Hitler started. Israel’s oldest daily newspaper Haaretz (‘The Land [of Israel]’) is reporting the following:

“Israel will pay for abortions for women aged 20 to 33 regardless of circumstance starting next year, health officials said Monday, adding that they hope to make eligibility for state funding universal in the future.

Millennia ago, Israel had been warned about self-destruction by killing of their children.

Population rates are so low in many countries that they are not even at replacement levels. In 2009, the European Union “Member States with the highest fertility rates were Ireland (2.07), France (2.00), the United Kingdom (1.96 in 2008) and Sweden (1.94), all approaching the replacement level of 2.1 children born per female.” Remember, these are the highest numbers. Only Ireland comes close to the 2.1 replacement number. France, the United Kingdom, and Sweden have a growing Muslim population, so the numbers for non-Muslims is most likely lower than the number that’s being reported.

Is it possible that many young Jews don’t know much about their own history?

Read the rest here.

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