Is God Able To Provide For Another Baby?

IsGodAbleRecently I read some comments from mothers which grieved my heart. One mother said she would love to have more children but couldn’t afford to build more rooms to their home to accommodate them. Another said she would like more but believed that God does not guarantee to provide all our needs. It is true that if we looked at our financial circumstances most of us would never have children. But God doesn’t provide for children before they come to us, but when they arrive.

The Scriptures are very clear that God will provide food and clothing for His people who walk in His ways and who trust Him. As believers, we do not live by what we see, but by faith in God’s living Word which cannot lie.

It is an indictment to the church of God today that most “believers” do not believe. We have the same attitudes as the people who do not know God. Surely, we are a different people. We are a people who are saved by faith and now live by faith in His promises.

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