Delight-Full 31 Days to a Happier Baby Trailer and Book!


31 Days to a Happier Baby . . . And Wholehearted Motherhood

Mothering is hard work. Completely worth it — invaluable, actually. But it’s hard work. Mothers need encouragement and truth spoken into their lives as they raise their little ones. Delight-Full gives mothers a scriptural perspective on the whys and wherefores of motherhood and offers mothers the gift of hope. Author Kate Collins speaks from personal experience, sharing stories that describe how parenting is so much more than tricycles and freezer cooking. Parenting is about reflecting God to our children. Parenting is giving our children a tangible, yet very fallible, glimpse of what God’s love for them is made of.

Delight-Full helps mothers wholeheartedly embrace the great gift and tasks of motherhood. This book is a perfect gift for a new mother or for daughters preparing for families, and it holds deep and eternal truths and tips that will help and encourage even the most veteran mother. It offers 31 bite-sized chapters containing warmhearted, real-life family stories and a scriptural take on just what the Lord can work in the fertile ground of a mother’s heart. Each chapter ends with practical and encouraging notes, from one momma to another, to lift your spirits and help you turn your eyes to the Lord as you plant the seeds of God’s Word in the hearts of your children.

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Delight-Full: 31 Days to a Happier Baby . . . And Wholehearted Motherhood from My Hero Media on Vimeo.

“Truly delightful. Your heart will melt and your mouth will smile. It should be mandatory for every young mother to read this book. Kate Collins, a mother of eight young children, glories in the delights of motherhood, even in the midst of sleepless nights, selfless giving, and the challenges that mothers face each day.”

—Nancy Campbell, Above Rubies Magazine

“She showed me how to be a better mother…Delight-Full offers a timely shift back to the truth of the powerful calling on our lives. Families will be better whose moms have read this book. ”

 —Kelly Crawford,

“Kate Collins is one of the warmest, most loving mothers I have ever met and a wonderful example. The lives of my grandchildren (and my own!) will be richer for my having read her book.”    

—Mrs. Geoffrey Botkin, Western Conservatory of the Arts and Sciences

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