Single Mother, Divine Intervention.

Megan Dancisak and her son, Ethan.In the following months, Megan started feeling tired. She noticed her body changing and on a whim decided to buy a pregnancy test. It was positive. In disbelief, she took more tests and even went to the emergency room where a doctor confirmed the pregnancy. A nurse came in and slipped Megan a note with Romans 8:28 scrawled on it: “All things work together for the good of those who love God and who are called according to his purposes.”

Later at her doctor’s office, Megan started laughing and sobbing at the sight of the already 3-month-old baby inside her. The doctor asked her if she wanted to abort the child right away. Having seen the fully formed baby, Megan knew she couldn’t abort, but she also knew she couldn’t raise a child. All of a sudden, the overwhelming peace washed over her again. “I heard so loud the Lord give me two promises: He was with me, it wasn’t a mistake, and that is your child. It will be hard but I’ll never leave you.” Megan said she didn’t understand what would happen, but felt enough peace to walk out of the doctor’s office without scheduling an abortion.

When asked what churches can do to help single moms like her, Megan said they should seek Jesus: “Out of [Reality LA’s] love for Jesus and what Jesus had done, they loved Ethan. Then out of their love for Ethan and I, they did everything they could for us.”

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