The Biblical Trustee Family:How To Raise A Daughter To Be A Trustee

Kevin: Why do so many mothers come home in order to train their daughters to leave home?

Andrea: Well I think it is because women have bought into the idea that in order to be valuable, in order to be deemed worth something, they have to be able to talk about something they do other than within the context of family life. So the equation is, if you stay home, help your husband, support your husband with his work and then in actual fact raise children who view the family as an ongoing institution and an ongoing concern for them, it doesn’t end when they turn 18 years old, when you have that ‘bent’ [that] women aren’t particularly valuable in the roles god gave them, then what they are trying to do is not have their daughters experience, the kind of ridicule and dismissing that they get from the culture at large, especially within the church.

Kevin: What is the Biblical Trustee Family?

Andrea: Let me just give you a quote from Rushdoony because this comes from him. “The trustee family has the most power and scope. It is called the trustee family because it’s living members see themselves as trustees of blood, rights, property, name, and position for their lifetime. They have an inheritance from the past to be preserved for the future. The trustee family is the basic social power. The head of the family is not the head in any personal sense but as family head and trustee of it’s powers.”

Now Abraham was a trustee of his family and as a result of Abraham passing things down to his son, and his son passing it down to his son you had a nation that grew out of a family. In our day if we want to see the kind of things that we talk about with regard to return to God’s order, then without women at the helm of the family, in the sense of managing the day in and day out, the education of the children, the kind of pursuits they’re going to engage in, someone else is going to do it. And who it’s going to be is going to be the day care provider or it’s going to be the school teacher, or it’s going to be the televisions.

And it just gets better! Listen to the rest here.

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