From the Archives: What Is Womanhood?

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One group of women finds it thoroughly delightful to have a man open the car door for them, while another feels insulted by such behavior. Our culture tells us that it is a “waste” of talents and brains to stay home and raise children, but something deep in our souls tells us it is meaningful, beautiful and even challenging. And the countless millions of successful mothers who have gone before us cry out from history’s pages. Our foremothers in centuries past did not seem to have quite the same identity crisis that we do today — or at least not to the same degree. Our supposed “liberation” in the latter half of the 20th century doesn’t seem to have freed us; rather, it seems to have bound us into a straightjacket of tormented doubts about what we are doing as women. Is there an answer?

The answer is and always has been the Word of God, coupled with the grace of God. What are we here for? What were we made to do as women? Is there a higher purpose in life beyond the daily routine of living? Can we find satisfaction, delight and even abounding joy by staying at home, keeping house and bringing up children? What about unmarried women? How about young daughters? Empty-nest grandmothers? Is there a place for all of us in the greater scheme of things? The answer from Scripture is a resounding “Yes!” And a study of womanhood as defined by the Bible reveals an incredibly rich, full, invigorating and inspiring vision for life that goes beyond the hot-button issues of submission and obedience.

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