In Defense of Noble Womanhood

Becky Morecraft

Proverbs 31:10-31

Given by the mother of King Lemuel to her son

For generations, modern culture has chosen to believe the lie that women and men should be considered equal in every way. We can date this fabrication back at least to the Women’s Suffragette Movement of the early 1900’s, if not all the way back to Eve, who chose to believe Satan rather than God, thus establishing the foundation for modern-day feminism. The separate roles God created “in the beginning” for each sex have largely been spurned by our culture and substituted with a false idea of equality that in no way resembles God’s original plan, when He created woman from the rib of man and arranged for future humans to spring from the womb of woman, thus establishing a healthy co-dependency for the continuance of life.

Those who adhere to the world’s ideas about womanhood point an accusing finger at stay-at-home women who have more than 1.5 children and no outside job. The feminists view women whose goal is that of being a help meet for her husband, together raising as many children as God will give them, as stuck at home. Surely she must be discontent and ashamed of her plight in life. The feminist view from the wrong end of the telescope, without the filtering lens of the Scriptures, read with regenerate eyes, seems forlorn indeed. Apparently, her husband, though hard-working, is unsympathetic to her needs. He is often gone eight hours or more a day and only comes home to eat, sleep, and father more children, it would seem. Surely her children suck her dry, with their constant demands on her time and energy, until, alas, she can no longer fit the image of the successful woman of the times. Just look at her! Her once slim shapely figure is now (probably) sagging and stippled with broken veins. Her beautiful face, once radiant with the dew of youth, is now lined with care. Her once luxuriant hair has thinned and grayed. She no longer possesses boundless energy — her quick step has slowed to a determined pace. Although she is always combed and clean, her fashion sense may seem stuck in a time warp, with an emphasis on femininity and modesty. Clearly she is neglected and miserable and has no sense of self-worth, thinks the feminist! Will she ever be able to break loose from this bondage and prove herself as capable as men (or more so), as she dresses in power suits and seductive fashions, becomes head of a corporation and makes men grovel? Only then, they suppose, will she gain respect from the world and perhaps make an appearance on a talk show to tell all about her struggles to the sympathetic thousands who will run to the nearest bookstore and buy her book. So says the world; but the world is sadly deceived!

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One thought on “In Defense of Noble Womanhood

  1. how do you know what feminist think? My experience: they donot give a dime about what you think or do as long as you leave them alone and donot cost them anything…

    I love big families, some woman get crazy from one baby. It varies. I am most happy at home, other woman go crazy at home.. it varies. Unfortunally people judge people who think differently. Stay at home moms judge working moms and vice versa..
    to bad..


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