He Made Women Gentle And Soft …

Reading is one of my absolute favorite pastimes.  For years now, I have been fan of the historical novels that were authored by G.A. Henty.  Mr. Henty wrote over a hundred books in the mid to late 1800s and nearly all of them are historical fiction.  Being that history is a favorite topic of mine, I thoroughly enjoy these books and was oh so excited when I could get over eighty of them on my Kindle for free!

As I was reading one of the books awhile back, I came across the following paragraphs.  They contain an immense amount of truth … truth that many people, sadly, do not realize, recognize or accept.

In the story, we are introduced to a traveling showman who cared for his orphan granddaughter who was about five years old.  At this point in the narrative, he had made arrangements for a widowed schoolteacher to take care of her for a few years and train her to be a lady.

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One thought on “He Made Women Gentle And Soft …

  1. from experience… in the workplace i canbe hard as rock…at home i am as soft as a cushion;-)

    But i hope someday i can stay at home..


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