War on Men

Susan Venker’s War On Men

I’m only 27% through Susan Venker’s War On Men according to my kindle and I’ve not had a overly disappointing moment yet. Susan Venker doesn’t hold to traditional roles entirely,

“Don’t misunderstand: I have no problem with husbands and wives switching things up – she works, he stays home.” 

But there’s enough to make up for it. The book costs a mere .99 cents and at this point the only down side to the purchase is it’s so good I am having difficulty settling my conscience, assuring myself I’m not a thief. Here’s a great quote from today’s reading:

It’s the underlying value system feminists hold dear that has undermined the family. They’ve helped to convince an entire nation that money + accolades = satisfaction.

Ergo, mother =dissatisfaction

I cannot tell you how many forty- and fifty-something women I know, or I’ve read about in my research, or who’ve contacted me personally to say this negative attitude toward motherhood, or just nurturing in general, affected them deeply. The relentless status degradation of motherhood, the insistence that this work is pointless or unsatisfying, has literally ruined lives.

As for gender roles, many people feel that nurturing a human being from infancy to adulthood out of seer duty and love is inherently nobler than working a day job. That’s how many of our fathers and grandfathers viewed women down in mass force. They were respectful and in awe of women.

Does that sound spurious? If so, that’s because the culture in which you were convinced you men have the better deal. You’ve been taught to believe your fathers and grandfathers led exciting lives in the workplace, while your mothers and grandmothers were “stuck” at home with the kids.

Get your copy here.

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