Matt Walsh: Wendy Davis Lies Exposed, Planned Parenthood the Bigger Liar

Matt Walsh doesn’t disappoint on this one. As always, spot on! Texan women take heart. Wendy Davis misrepresents the facts and misrepresents Texas women. Share this one before she steals your great reputation.

Matt Walsh:

If lies did not exist, there would be no Hell and there would be no abortion.

She painted a picture of herself as a woman who’d overcome great obstacles to eventually achieve the distinction of being the 90 millionth liberal feminist to exploit the death of children for her own personal gain. You know, just your classic American Success Story.

Unfortunately, some of the facts here are “blurry.”  She claimed to be a divorced teen mother who lived in a trailer and eventually paid her way through college.

In reality, she was never a divorced teen mother. She divorced at 21, lived in a trailer for only a few months, moved to an apartment, and eventually married a lawyer. Her second husband paid for her last two years at college and for her time in law school. Here’s a fun morsel she seems to have omitted from her autobiography: she divorced him the day after he made the final school payment. The initial divorce filings cite Wendy’s adultery as one of the reasons for the split. The courts awarded custody of her two daughters to her husband. She then ran for Fort Worth city council. As a Republican.

Finally, after such a harrowing journey, she stood up in pink tennis shoes and spent half a day explaining why babies should still be executed after 20 weeks.

Inspiring, isn’t it?

Read the rest here

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