Rational Men, Irrational Women

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Editor’s Note: Yes! Yes! Yes! Give Leslie Loftis a medal. This is a very important piece with regard to how we direct our daughter’s futures and sons for that matter. Leslie sees through the feminist lies and cast vision for what is to come. 

Feminists are pronouncing the end of men but economic trends could force them to change their tune

The showcased successes of 40- and 50-something women are not materializing for the young. If young women continue to uncritically pursue formal higher education, then many will be faced with paying off college debt by tamping espresso or relying on an economic match for marriage.

The economic independence women are so proud of, so protective of, will slip out of reach for many of our daughters. Not the elites, of course, their daughters will be able to pay for the prestigious degrees to occupy the dwindling number of MBA positions. As usual, it will be middle class, minority, and immigrant daughters who will bear the unintended consequences of the conventional wisdom.

Men Are In Position To Take Advantage Of Economic Changes

Which brings us to the supposedly irrational men. What if part of their opting out is a tacit, perhaps unconscious, recognition of the slowing advanced degree economy? What if some of them aren’t flocking to universities or sticking it out if they attend because they don’t want take on debt to gain the credentials for a nonexistent job? If instead they take up carpentry then other than the condescension of women (which men figure they will get anyway), they are positioned well–much like women were in the ’60s when their surge into higher education coincided with an increasing supply of compatible jobs.

The higher education bubble will (or has) burst, and women who relied upon school success will be hardest hit. For unlike men, women do not see and, if they did, would not likely adapt to a skilled labor economy.

The Second Wave taught us to resist labor of all sorts, domestic, skilled, or manual. For women to labor outside of childbirth (and sometimes even that) is to submit to patriarchal oppression.

Just regaining respectability for the creative labors of cooking and sewingdrew disapproval, and even then this “new domesticity” barely clears acceptable because it can be explained primarily as avenues for personal choice and expression, not service.

But men can easily adapt to a demand for skilled labor. They aren’t labor adverse, quite the contrary, and they don’t have any intellectual appearances to keep up. Whether intentionally evading the advanced degree racket or just on strike from contemporary expectations, a man could work creatively with his hands, start earning and saving without a weighty debt load, fill an anemic market from the decades of distain for skilled labor, and pursue his own advanced education outside the confines of the PC academy. (“Don’t Go to Art School if You Want to Learn to Paint” is obviously about an artist, but the caution could apply broadly.) These men’s growing wages for high demand work might eventually earn belated respect and pursuit from from women.

In 20 years we might look back and judge men’s behavior rational, even prescient.

Women have spent 50 years fighting a patriarchy that was not nearly so limiting as domestic work and childbearing prior to medical and technical innovation since World War II. We’ve been playing ‘anything men can do we can do better’ when we could have, should have, been using the freedom the technology boom gave to us to achieve greater success together.

Because it is the us vs. them that is irrational. Truly rational behavior from the sexes lies in complement and cooperation. If we refuse that truth, then the old days of women’s dependence on men, they will return.

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One thought on “Rational Men, Irrational Women

  1. Silly post…Woman are the most experience people in the world as far as labor is concerned. Or does the writer think that housework does it selve? Here in Dutchie-country my husband was refused a simple labour job (packing cookies) because woman are faster, more tidy and are far better in this kind of work (as said the person he spoke to)

    Also, you can WORK you way through college, and have no debt at all. Especially if you chose to stay home while going through college and if you see your student years as a time to study and get work experience in stead of a time to party as if there is no tomorrow


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