The Problem With Surrogacy

Purposefully Making Orphans

Surrogacy and the “selling” of eggs and babies have become a booming business in the brave new world that has abandoned the fear of God as the beginning of wisdom. Kevin Swanson speaks of several problems related to surrogacy and the purposeful manufacturing of orphans.

At the point at which the child is transferred to the womb of another person you have something of a fatherlessness or an adoption happening, of course the child reverts back to the other family, but you still have is derelationalizing of the child in the womb and Dave I think this ties into the derelationalizing of modern life. A child today perhaps can be processed in a petri dish. At some point can be proccessed in a mechanical womb, on into a mechanical daycare system, on into mechanical institutionalized preschool, on into institutionalized kindergarten, on into…on and on it goes. The modern world has more and more taken on the platonic view of things and as you know, Plato configured a world were a man and woman would come together for temporary liaison. They would have a child. The child would roll out of the womb into the arms of professionals who would take over from there. And no father would know his son and no son would know his father according to Plato’s system that he laid out in the republic and this friends is a humanist system. It’s a system concocted by humanists who are wondering around as vagabonds in a derelationalized wilderness of the existentialist. And this is not the Christian worldview.

Editors Note: Surrogacy portion starts around 9:30

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