Voddie Baucham on Abortion, Adoption and President Obama

Produced by Texas Right to Life in 2012. The truth then. The truth now. Sometimes it’s helpful to look back and re-listen to what we’ve been told. What we were unable to hear in the past, we’re able to hear today for all the striving against godly standards has proven us wrong.

A rape victim hears and obeys the law of God written on her heart.

“…she went to planned parenthood. She said I have been raped. I am pregnant. Please help me. They told her to come in and she did. And she sat there, she says, in her own words what seemed like ‘hours’. And eventually she looked up and thought to herself, ‘This baby hasn’t done anything wrong.’ And she decided at that moment that somebody would love this baby and raise this baby. And she placed that baby in our hands. And we got to pray with her, over her as this young women courageously, after being a victim of rape decided not only to give birth, but also to make an adoption plan for her child. And so when people talk about, you know, being pro-life except in the case of rape and incest and one of our [adopted] children was the product of incest, it says that all of our children should have been allowed to live except those two. I am not willing to accept that.”

A country fails the same test

Before this man became our president, four times, four times, he voted not to protect the lives even of children who were alive after a failed abortion. That is unspeakable. It is hard for me to find words for how gruesome that is. To say that if an abortion is unsuccessful and a child survives, that that child should not have legal protection and should be killed anyway. He is the most radically pro-abortion president that we have ever had. The most radically pro-abortion man who has ever run for the office and I can not comprehend what that will mean over the course of history, how we will be viewed for having elected such a man.

Abortion today

It’s beyond acceptable. It’s normalized to even celebrate it so that is a big difference between my life and a lot of lives that don’t even get to begin today…abortion is such a kind word. It’s the annihilation of life and I am grieved by that. I am also grieved the absolute ignorance of many people who are targeted by abortionists. Black women make up around 11% of the population but a third or more of the abortions of black and Hispanic women combined, around a quarter of the population, more than half the abortions. In major cities in the US, more than half of all pregnancies of black women end in abortion. We’ve been targeted since the onset Before planned parenthood and Margaret Sanger’s negro project, we’ve been targeted by abortionists. And now to see black people flock to a party who’s platform and history has been dead set on their annihilation boggles my mind.

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