From Gay to Joyous

Christopher Yuan
Scott Strazzante/Genesis

We know that the traditional family is threatened by lies. Here is one more piece to prove it. From World Magazine by Marvin Olasky a Q&A with author Christopher Yuan telling the truth about homosexuality. A wonderful testimony to the grace and providence of of God to deliver Yuan from homosexuality.

Given the same-sex marriage juggernaut’s political and judicial success last year, we can expect on Valentine’s Day this year to hear early and often how great it is to be gay. Christopher Yuan, who was a homosexual and a drug dealer, has a different story that led to two sentences: prison and HIV positive status. God brought him and his parents to Christ, and Yuan went to the Moody Bible Institute and Wheaton College, gaining in 2007 an M.A. in biblical exegesis. Now pursuing a doctorate of ministry, he came to Patrick Henry College to answer questions about an outstanding book he and his mother co-authored, Out of a Far Country (WaterBrook Multnomah, 2013).

Why does the subtitle of your book describe it as A Gay Son’s Journey to God rather than A Gay Son’s Journey Out of Homosexuality? We wanted to write not simply a story about a gay son, but a story about God—and God not just bringing me to Himself, but my mother and father also coming to Christ as well.

Did you become a gay son because of nature, nurture, or both? People say, “There’s some evidence of a biological component to the development of sexuality,” and then jump to the conclusion, “Therefore people are born gay.” The accurate answer isn’t so much nature or nurture, but nature and nurture. Biblical anthropology tells us we all are born with predispositions toward certain sins, whether gossiping, lying, cheating, sexual addiction, whatever it might be.

Read the rest here.

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