So, You Lost Your Job – The Lord Is Your Keeper

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Trust is one of the biggest struggles all women face. Trusting ourselves is easy but trusting ourselves to another is a whole different story. The constant stream of “what ifs” that flood our minds is proof enough. And then there are the tough times. Job loss does come and all our fears are compounded by the feminist “I told you so’s” which tempt us to follow the example of Job’s wife.

But as always God has a plan. Job loss is a time when families discover what they are made of and women play an important role in that. Will she trust the sovereignty of God and come alongside in dedication and support until they pull through? Any woman who has been through it knows God shows Himself strong and rewards the faithful and the diligent. We know it’s worth it. We see our sacrifices as investments.

If you’ve never navigated these waters it can be hard to know what it is you’re up against. Scott Brown describes it perfectly. Listen as he gives counsel on how to navigate job loss from a biblical perspective. Understanding what our husbands and fathers are going through will make it easier to understand what they need and how we can serve them.

What to do when there is nothing to do from the 2011 Family Economics Conference.

So, what do you do when there’s nothing to do? This session is about navigating the rapids, eddys, dams, backwaters, canals, and the waterfalls in the waters of unemployment.

Manhood and womanhood are tested and tried. Having nothing to do is one of the most challenging things that ever happens to a man. When you lose your job, it either knocks the stuffing out of you, or it fills you with strength.

No one goes through this without serious challenges to grapple with. Your mind, will, and emotions are always waging war against you. Your identity, dreams, your routines, and even your marriage are on the chopping block. It’s very personal. I learned that when I got fired from a job 25 years ago, I was that guy who showed up at church without a job. You feel different. They say a recession is when your neighbor loses his job, but a depression is when you lose your job. Some people never recover, but for the Christian, it is the beginning of a transformed life. It either trounces you or transforms you. This is your finest hour.

Listen to the lecture and follow the outline here

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