Join us for the ‘February is Red’ Pinterest Promotion & Marketplace Launch


‘February Is Red’. Click to see…

Did you know that LAF/Beautiful Womanhood is on Pinterest? We are. We’ve been building boards that will bring you vision, inspiration, good deals, resources and business opportunity that fits with your life and style. Some people tweet, some are facebookers, and some love to pin. We hope we’ve captured your Pinterest.


Why are we on Pinterest?

We are launching the new LAF Marketplace with this ‘February Is Red’ promotion. LAF Marketplace is an online presence for the Proverbs 31 business woman. It is the intersection of etsy ebay, web stores, blogs and more! Like the flea markets and trade days of old, come stroll through or become part of the online community of artisans, craftsmen, designers, and other businesses. Find creative ideas, solutions, resources and deals! Every month we’ll have a new marketplace promotion. Want a board of your own within the marketplace? Contact us for details!

Did you know that the average purchase price on Pinterest is higher than anywhere else even double that of facebook? Pins with prices get 36% more likes and are 10% more likely to produce a sale. The daily number of Pinterest users has increased by over 145% since Jan. 1,2012.


Grab the badge for your own site and link to your pin to let your community know where they can find you. Cross promotion means increased traffic for everyone! Many times products and services are created based on personal knowledge of a need. Why not connect with people just like you?

We want you to be a part of our pinterest boards. Our goal is to build a niche pinterest community where y’all can get acquainted and support each other.  Do you have a business that needs the attention of the Christian market? Our ‘women in business‘ board might be for you. Are you cleaning out closets and selling some things for a bit of spare cash? Our LAF auctions board might be for you. Do you have an event coming up? Our Events board might be for you. See our advertising page for more information.

This February we are offering a special. Our social media marketing package which includes a pin, a tweet and a facebook post is $1 for each run through. That’s all. $1 and you are permanently a part of our pinterest marketplace.* Have something red, red, red? Let’s make it part of the board! Pinterest is big and pinterest is growing with a much higher conversion to sale rate than any other social media site. Don’t have time to pin, tweet and post your business? Let us do it for you!


In the last 30 days our average pin impression is just over 1,200 a day. That is the number of times our pins have shown up on the main feed, in search results or on boards. We reach almost 700 people a day. Let us help you get noticed!

Here are some of the 75 categories  we’ve been pinning to give you an idea of just where you fit in…

Life Resources: Homeschooling, Homemaking, Marriage, Creative, Music, Parenting, Cooking, Etiquette, and More.

Outdoor woman, Art, Playtime, Porch Living, Kitchen…

Homeschool Resources: Creative, science, writer, history, (not math yet. who loves math…),

Historical fashion, Gardening, Women, in business, Frugalista, Athletic woman, Babies, DIY Dominion, Gift Ideas, Landscape, Library, Modest fashion, and the list goes on!

Are we missing a category that you’d love to see? No worries. We’ll make it and launch a new board with your product as the first feature.

Join the ‘February Is Red’ Pinterest Launch!

Our ‘February Is Red’ logo will be on our sidebar until the end of the month. Feel free to place it on your website or blog and link to our Red pinterest board so your readership and visitors know you’re a part of the promotion. Want to promote your February product line? Join the ‘February Is Red’ board.  Visit our advertising page to let us know you want to take part! Your social media run will include the #februaryisred hashtag so shoppers can follow along no matter what their media choice.

*If you get mean and ugly with us or the marketplace we reserve the right to twirl our mustaches and give you the boot to keep everyone happy. Regular marketplace business etiquette is expected. We also reserve the right to filter products and services so as to keep with the communities interest. If you are selling crocheted sports fan sweaters for wiener dogs you’ll probably find success selling elsewhere.

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