Kevin Swanson: Faith, Family, and Freedom Are Languishing

Church attendance has dropped 55% since the Silent Generation, with only 18% of the Millennial Generation in church.* Young men and women are saturated in secular education, pop culture, online pornography, and a myriad of other harmful influences. According to, 80% of young men are addicted to pornography.

Birth implosions and illegitimacy are the rule of the day, and faithful marriages are hard to find.

America now claims the position as the tenth worst economy in the world (based on the debt-to-GDP ratio**). Youth unemployment/underemployment now exceeds 80%.***

The Solution Has Remained the Same for 2000 Years

The solution is discipleship in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, teaching our families and the nations to observe whatsoever Jesus has commanded. The solution comes through family discipleship and the re-integration of the family economy.

Four years ago, Christian Home Educators of Colorado and Generations with Vision introduced Family Economics Conferences to families in America and Canada. This year, we have planned another three conferences, and we’re excited to find tens of thousands of families restoring the age-old economic structure that existed for 6,000 years.

Join Us in Denver for Our Family Economics Conference

Find out more here

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