How Loving Your Husband Makes Him A Better Leader

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From, comes a piece about the effectiveness of good loving relationships at home, on performance, leadership skills, and business to business relations of your man.

How to Conquer the Need to Be Loved

When I wrote an article recently touching on the potentially destructive nature of needing to be liked, I knew from my own experience how pervasive a leadership issue it was, but I was unprepared for the response.

Since then, many leaders have contacted me to say how much it resonated for them, and that needing to be loved –let alone liked — was something they struggled with constantly.

Obviously, wanting to be a decent human being is an admirable, commendable trait. But when that desire transforms into neediness, it clouds anyone’s ability to make objective decisions, particularly when other people are involved (which is to say, almost all the time).

So for the benefit of all of us (this is as much a process of self-reflection as anything else), here are the five key steps involved in redirecting an unhealthy need to be loved by those you work with back to what it should be– a healthy desire to be have mature, non-needy relationships with the people you work with:

1. Be much loved elsewhere. I’m no therapist, and I certainly can’t tell you how to make this happen, but I can pass on one universal observation: Those leaders who experience rich, fulfilling, unconditional love in their non-work environments consistently exhibit much less neediness in their work environments.

Like I say, I’m not qualified to help you fix this particular issue, but if you find you’re consistently undermining your own leadership effectiveness with an unhealthy need to be liked or loved by those you work with, a self-assessment of your non-work relationships might be a great place to start.

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