What daddy’s little girl learns from her father

We often use the phrase “daddy’s little girl”, but I don’t think fathers realize just how much impact they have on their daughters.

recent article by author Tara Hedman, an American mental Health counselor who specializes in women’s issues, listed 25 things that little girls wish they could tell their fathers. They seem simple but to be honest, I doubt that many men are aware of them.

The messages girls get from their dads when they are young, and still twirling in frilly costume skirts, are the ones that they will take with them when they’re all grown up. This is especially so in two areas: how a girl values herself, and how she expects to be treated by men. I’ve picked the related ones out below – they are definitely worth taking into account if you’re a father, you know a father, or hope to be a father one day.

Read the rest here.

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