Do You Allow For the Rape/Incest Exception? Meet Kristi…

One of the questions Kristi gets asked a lot at the events she speaks at is, “do you have any physical abnormalities since you were conceived in incest”? “This makes me laugh because this is why society tells women to abort children conceived in incest,” Kristi says. “Like there is going to be something wrong with their child, like I should be purple with green dots or something.”

“I am as normal as anyone in this auditorium, I am not an exception I just have an exceptional story,” she says.

Kristi knows that her life is a gift and she is not only lucky to be alive but blessed to be strong enough to tell her birth mother’s story. Kristi is now speaking out publicly, and has joined forces with Pam Stenzel and myself and our organization “Living Exceptions.”

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