The Artistry of Sex, Forgotten in the World

We’ve lived so long in a hyper-sexualized culture that we no longer recognize its hyper-ness. What was once shocking and offensive has become “entertainment” and mainstream. One sad consequence is an accompanying loss of beauty in sexual things. With loss of beauty comes also a loss of worship. Not the worship of the thing itself (sex); there’s plenty of sacrifice and prostration at the altar of raw, pagan intercourse. No, there’s the loss of the worship of God who created sex and gives it its ultimate meaning. Losing worship also means losing inspiration. So few truly great ballads are written anymore. Lovers rarely write poetry anymore. When’s the last time a suitor painted a portrait of his beloved? The inordinate exaltation of the act robs the actor of the noble faculties of imagination, creativity, spiritual perception and worship.

Sex is meant to beget artistry, not just children.

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