Video: The Economics of Sex

Editor’s note: While this video makes good points about how the populous is governed by human nature rather than morality as well as the effects of morality on the culture, all worth consideration, be forewarned that once the video ends the suggestions which Youtube automatically puts up will most likely not be suitable for any audience.

Ever wonder why men seem to make less effort to pursue women, there are more break-ups and premarital partners, and marriages are later and less often? It’s all about the economics of sex – the demand, the supply and the cost. Oh, and the impact of the invention of the contraception pill. This nifty video, by the Austin Institute for the Study of Family and Culture and shared by the NY Post, puts it all rather perfectly – right down to the fact that women hold the cards in consensual relationships but are not always aware of this. Watch it for yourself, or read below where I’ve broken down the main points. Bet you’ve never considered sex in this light before! Read the rest here. Recommended Resources Get Married: What Women Can do to Help it Happen Marrying Well: Practical Wisdom on Courtship for Parents & Children What He Must Be: …If He Wants to Marry My Daughter Sex, Marriage, and Family Life in John Calvin’s Geneva: Courtship, Engagement, and Marriage (Religion, Marriage and Family Series): 1

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