Sick of Being Lonely?

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The News Story – Extreme loneliness worse than obesity

A new study reveals that as damaging as obesity is to health, “chronic loneliness” rivals it. The study, reports the Toronto Sun, finds that “loneliness increases the chances of premature death by 14%, which is as much of an increase as that caused by being overweight and nearly as bad as poverty in terms of undermining an individual’s long-term level of health.”

This news comes at a time when, according to the story, increasing life expectancy has left an ever-greater number of the elderly alone. One expert even advises that retiring to Florida, far away from loves ones, might not be the best route for senior citizens.

What the story fails to mention is the impact that increasing rates of divorce have had on loneliness. In addition to living longer, seniors are also divorcing more. Divorce effects all of those involved, however, and research shows that even the children of divorced parents suffer from increased levels of loneliness.

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