I Fight On Contraception Hill

the pill

Contraception is one of the great scourges not just of our time but of all time. In two ways it sets men and women against their creator. First, because they choose disobedience over the clear teaching of the Church. Second, it says no to the creative work of our Lord. Both of these put their souls in jeopardy.

Contraception is also the font of many of the deadly social pathologies of our time; the sexual revolution, pornography, divorce and family breakdown, abortion and the mainstreaming of same-sex arrangements including what seems like an inevitable change in the social and legal definition of marriage.

This is why I have dedicated much of the past twenty years to fighting contraception. If you were to do a site search on my organization’s website you would see a few hundred stories about the evils of contraception. What’s more, my organization has been a leader all these years in fighting the spread of UN-style family planning around the world. Oftentimes my staff members are the only ones from the pro-life world at UN meetings where such things are discussed. You could say I have been dying on contraceptive hill for decades.

Having said and done these things for so long does not mean I think it is prudential to make contraception a litmus test in political campaigns as some are doing in a Congressional race in Northern Virginia. A pro-life Catholic woman has been attacked as a dissenter from Catholic teaching for asking the Federal government to make contraceptives available over the counter.

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