Vanity Fair Busts Planned Parenthood

It appears Live Action isn’t the only organization nailing Planned Parenthood in undercover investigations. Add none other than Vanity Fair to the list. I’m late reading a 10,000 word exposé in the magazine’s January issue on the dangers of a hormonal birth control device called NuvaRing. The article is scathing, heartbreaking, and maddening. It is hard to fathom how birth control rings could still be on the market, when the FDA concluded back in 2011 they increase the risk of blood clots, known as venous thromboembolism, by 56%, and “carry a 90% greater risk of VTE than birth-control pills with earlier forms of progestin,” according to the article. (NuvaRing uses a third generation progestin called desogestrel.) It is here Vanity Fair’s sting against Planned Parenthood comes in.

Read the rest here

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