Why I hated College

Another great piece on the reality of college. For alternative ideas about higher education, The Family Economics Conference hosted by Generations With Vision has covered that topic with panel discussions by Fathers and Sons who have proven there is no need for college. Mature, capable, financially stable and ready to marry before most are out of college. The homeschool movement has proven itself.

Also see our articles on entrepreneurship and family economy for helpful articles on how to build a family economy, what threatens it success, how to start a business and what to expect, investing in tools for daughters, preparing your children for the 21st century and more.

Jon Negroni writes,

Everyone seems to have a college degree, but no one seems to use it. 

We graduate from college ramping up scores of allegedly useful facts and critical thinking skills that ultimately teach us only how to do what we probably could have done already.

It used to be that once you graduate from college, you’re a commodity. Not everyone had a degree 20 or even 10 years ago, but thanks to the advent of the government figuring out that they can make a lot of money from hyper-educating people who have no business attending a liberal arts college, the value of a college degree has deflated tremendously overnight.

You’re not ready to grow up, so you go to college. Just like that, adolescence has been extended, and we buy into it thanks to shows like GreekUndeclared and every college movie since American Pie 2, which have convinced us that college is a party we can’t miss out on.

Correction: a very expensive party we can’t miss out on.

I don’t want to just blame the government because it’s ultimately become a culture thing. Our parents tell us to do it. The media glorifies it, and in the end, we’re convinced that college is a necessity, not a privilege.

Read the rest here.

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