And So The Campaign For Polygamy Begins


Now that same-sex marriage is all but a fait accompli in the US — come on, do you really think that Justice Anthony Kennedy is going to miss his chance to be the swing vote on constitutionalizing SSM? — it is time to move on to the next frontier: legalizing polygamy. Many SSM proponents have long been indignant that anybody would suggest that legalizing SSM would lead to legalizing polygamy. They’ve depended on indignation to quiet fears of the slippery slope, on the grounds that if people started thinking through the logic of all this, they might not be so quick to support gay marriage.

Well, now that they’ve just about won this thing — and I don’t know anyone on my side of the SSM debate who, at this point, holds out serious hope that gay marriage is not going to be the law of the land soon — it is becoming politically and culturally safer to argue for polygamy. As with gay marriage 10 to 15 years ago, the groundwork for accepting polygamy will be laid by stories and essays in the media seeking to challenge the taboo.

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One thought on “And So The Campaign For Polygamy Begins

  1. You know, my mom knew this would happen. She knew it would happen in 2005 and I repeated her suspicions in a college debate against homosexual marriage. And you know what? They shook their heads at me; they said it was too great a leap. I KNEW it would happen as my wise mother did, and now everyone will have to eat their doubts about slippery slopes.


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