The Real Women’s Liberation Movement


Feminism was a bandaid that carried it’s own germs, and caused a new infection in our land. Jesus is the great Healer

“Despite the anti-Christian prejudice evident in much of the feminist movement, it is to the teachings and example of Jesus Christ that women owe most of their freedoms. The advent of Christianity raised the dignity, freedom and rights of women to levels never before known in any other culture or religion. Indeed, as one historian put it: ‘The birth of Jesus was the turning point in the history of women.’” – Dr. Peter Hammond

On our way home from church this evening, I glanced over at my tired husband who was driving our large crowd home. Today he delivered a sermon (The Christian Husband, Leading and Loving) that made me realize just how completely Jesus “set the captives free.” Yes, He set free the captives of addiction, of prostitution, of despair, of hopelessness. He broke the chains of perversion, hatred, and bitterness. He set us free of sin – the cruel master we so willingly served – and so desperately hated. Now we gladly—and thankfully—serve the King of Kings.

But, ironically, as women, He set us free in another way too. Many feminists rant about the oppression biblical teaching places upon women; but, Christianity is what freed us from that oppression! Why then would we want to place upon ourselves newly forged chains of egalitarianism? Chains that strip us of the very protection that Jesus intended us to have. While claiming freedom and equality, the irony of the deception is that they are heading for slavery!

Our God is a creative God. He has made us each so unique and, in His wisdom, given us such wonderful roles. His created order is a stunning choreographed work of artistic beauty. As husband and wife, we complete one another in amazing ways. Why do we continue to insist on questioning His work—and cheapening His masterpiece?

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